Parqet API

Financial APIs for innovative finance apps

Parqet's data and APIs are powering fintechs and financial tools of all sizes. Track portfolios, get market data, calculate returns or outsource complex financial calculations - so you can focus on your users.

Use cases

  • Build complementary tools for over 100.000 Parqet users
  • Use Parqet's data and utilities for your own apps
  • Build white-labeled portfolio tracking for your customers
Manage User Portfolios
Write complementary tools, show their portfolios in your app or build an entirely new visualization next to Parqet - the possibilities are endless.
White-labeled Portfolio Tracking
Create portfolios, add holdings and activities/transactions and we provide detailed performance calculations and charts you can visualize for your users.
Powerful Asset Search
Name, ISIN, symbol, WKN... your users will find the assets they are looking for.
Security Data
Website, logo, industries, countries, symbols, and much more...
ETF allocations
Breakdown of ETF allocations per country and industry.
Security Prices
Get real-time and past stock quotes for supported securities.
Core data
Countries, industries, symbols, flags, regions and more. Standardized.
Community Statistics
Popular assets, most traded, most searched and more - our stats will let your users compare to the trading community and explore new assets.

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